Natural Referencing – SEO

Natural Referencing (SEO)

Natural referencing is a term that is used in digital marketing to define all the techniques and methods that make it possible to optimize a website to improve its ranking in search engines. We are also talking about SEO for Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also refers to all optimizations that aim to improve the visibility of a website in Google results. To be effective and sustainable, it must of course be done in strict compliance with the guidelines issued by Google.

Natural SEO : Why optimize your site

Natural referencing : a crucial importance

Natural referencing is now essential in the world. There are over a billion websites on the Internet, and Google indexes about 30 trillion pages. The only way to make a page visible is to optimize the content by applying search engine rules from Google. You can have the most beautiful site in the world, but without SEO, it will remain invisible.

A good natural referencing naturel : a source of attraction for visitors

Natural referencing is a matter of specialists. Today, on the web, the competition between sites is increasingly strong. To attract visitors to the sites, you must be on the first page of the search results (and even better: at the top of the first page). A well-optimized or well-referenced site is a site that appears in Google, Bing and Yahoo’s first results, when you type the relevant keywords in the search bar. And in addition, a site well optimized for SEO is a more efficient site for SEM.

Natural referencing : an opportunity for companies

In 2019, Internet users spend hours or even entire days on the Internet, whether to gather information, make online purchases or to move forward. In the laps of just a few years, the web has become the best opportunity for small to big businesses to gain visibility, to conquer new markets, to attract new prospects.

Natural referencing, a guarantee of financial returns

A single number summarizes the importance of good visibility for all entrepreneurs without exception: almost 9 out of 10 Internet users search before ordering a service or making a purchase, whether in-store or online. If the web is essential for the development of your business, it offers significant benefits only if it appears on the first page, and on queries related to your services or products. Indeed, nearly 90% of Internet users are satisfied with the results of Google on the first page. Google’s first three proposals monopolize most of the clicks.

Trusting our web agency in Montreal means benefiting from a custom made and sustainable visibility strategy, but also from the recognized expertise of our natural referencing experts.

Web agency in Montreal NWM : Our natural SEO service

Our web agency in Montreal offers a natural SEO service based on your website and your objectives. Our extensive work is based on 4 main pillars: site audit, development strategy, SEO deployment strategy, monitoring and reporting.

  • Site Audit

A natural referencing service systematically starts with the analysis of a detailed audit of your website. We analyse all the SEO sectors as well as the direct environment (business sector and competition);

  • Strategy Development

After analyzing the SEO audit of your site, the project manager presents a number of recommendations (on-site optimization, keyword strategy, backlinks, local SEO, voice search, etc.) for the development of your SEO strategy;

  • SEO strategy deployment

Your project manager begins the work of optimizing the website and the Net linking. This is a time-and patience-consuming task because the results of natural referencing can sometimes take several months to be visible. You may also be asked for specific actions such as the creation of new content;

  • Monitoring and reporting :

Throughout the service, you are informed about the results obtained and about the evolution of your website’s positions on target expressions. Carried out using various SEO tools, this allows the referencing agent who is assigned on your project to be able to refine the deployment of various programmed actions.

With NWM, a web agency in Montreal, you can permanently position your site in the best Google results on queries targeted for quality traffic.