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Web marketing & analytcis strategy: conversions & potentials

Use data-driven solutions to generate more leads and potential clients. Optimize your web marketing budget with our analysis.

Marketing strategy

All marketing campaigns have to be based on an effective web marketing strategy that considers branding, market segmentation, market targets and analytics. At NWM our team of professionals will help you advertise your brand which will result into conversions. Our marketing strategies focus on market segmentation so your message is delivered to your targeted audience.

Web Marketing - Experience on SEO

Experience on SEO

One of the first steps at NWM marketing strategy is SEO which stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free, organic editorial” or “natural search results on search engines. Keeping in mind specific targets and market segmentation, NWM will perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your website and implement valuable recommendations according to the relevant SEO strategy recommended for your products or services.

Data analysis

Data analysis: web analytics &
database management

A good marketing strategy in marketing campaigns is email advertisement based on CRM ("Customer Relationship Management") and client database management. NWM has the expertise in database system management to trigger effective web marketing campaigns: our comprehensive analytics receives the most valuable information from customer’s databases to deliver the required information for optimal results to specific markets.

Online marketing:
conversion of potentials
to customers

Getting more leads and making more conversions is not just about having a great website. A good marketing strategy considers analytics, market segmentation, and the use of many diverse tools to boost your companies branding.
NWM's perspective of branding and marketing strategy is clear in this sense; our priority is that our clients have more potentials and higher rates of conversions.

Online marketing