How to properly reference your website: 5 effective tips

If you want to expose your website, increase traffic and make it more visible, it is essential to properly reference it on Google. This is the best way to obtain significant, relevant and free traffic. NWM, web agency in Montreal, supports you in your SEO strategy by offering you 5 effective tips to properly reference it on Google: make the site accessible for Google, choose its keywords, reference the site with quality content, develop its visibility and optimize the loading speed of your website.

Making the site accessible for Google

Google analyzes each website with its Google bot indexing robots in order to index and position it. If they fail to reach your website because it is not suitable, not “crawlable” or if access is restricted for indexing robots in the robots.txt file for example. Also, the content of the site must be thought through and oriented for bot indexing robots. It is essential to provide content that is readable for Google. Thus, the content is fundamental without forgetting the image attributes, the legend of a video etc.

To properly reference the site on Google, help Google explore and understand the content of your website

Choosing your keywords well

Wanting to reference your website on Google or even alternative search engines makes sense only if the objective is to position on the right keywords. When choosing keywords, it is advisable to take into account the volume of research, the relevance of the keyword and the feasibility. If you want to capture the right traffic, qualified traffic and understand the intentions of the internaut, use keyword search tools.

If the list of keywords that you can use is unlimited, there are decisions to be made. Do you really want to waste your time creating content to highlight the word “abstruse”? It may not be comprehensible to many Internet users. And, above all, it may not be very often sought after. A keyword must bring the end users, through Google. The most useful ones are those that correspond to the most often conducted quests.

Referencing your site with quality content

The quality of the content attracts both the favors of Google but especially those of the internaut. Quality content is much more likely to be shared and come viral. This is an asset for SEO because a qualitative site will get backlinks and therefore an additional authority.

“Content is King” content is king, is an expression that is even more confirmed for natural SEO. Creating good content means quality content and, above all, content that is tailored to your target audience while respecting Google’s rules.

Building Awareness

In an ideal world, all you have to do is reach out to your phone to immediately contact the person you want to contact. Even though she’s never heard of you before and you don’t know her contact information. In the real world, it’s a little bit more complicated. Especially if your goal is for people to call you, not the other way around. For Google, you are known from the moment when other sites talk about you. Each link that points to your site gives you a little more awareness.

Optimize the loading speed of your website for better referencing

To reference a website, Google takes into account hundreds of criteria. Among them, the loading speed is one of the most important. It limits the bounce rate, some loading errors and a low number of pages visited. With mobile navigation increasing it is important to lighten your websites to adapt to new usage. It is advisable to optimize your website to render it faster. Discover our tips to increase the loading speed of websites.

In other words, to properly reference websites it is essential to respect this whole set of rules in order to obtain impeccable results.