How to build a Digital Marketing Strategy

For years the attitude of consumers has changed enormously, the Internet is integrated in the middle of buying processes. In order to have additional information, on different articles or services question to make precise choices, browsing the websites is nowadays an inevitable step for the modernist customer.

Sellers must urgently demonstrate their online presence by developing a well-structured digital marketing strategy that would be beneficial to the brand.

NWN Canada Web Agency puts its expertise to work and enable you to create your brand awareness on the internet and reach a higher audience sharing specific elements by explaining step by step how to set up a digital strategy that suits you.

Your website needs to be visible

For a well-established digital strategy, the first thing to do would be to design an effective website that meets all standards. And for a profitable website, several criteria must be met such as responsive design, W3C standards and more.

Being in possession of a website as beautiful as it is, is not enough, the second thing to do is to make this website visible in the search engines and the different results from Google.

To do this several actions are conducted to make your site visible, in other words improve its natural SEO. We are referring to the use of keywords and Backlinks, the optimization of certain parts of your content namely the tags «Title», meta-description, photos, Alt attribute for the images, the optimization of the responsiveness and the loading time of the different pages.

Creating the Content to Increase the traffic

For a good digital marketing strategy, text is a priority, it is even essential in this process. Your website must contain text that meets the requirements and expectations of your customers, you can propose content by writing blog articles for example. This content creation strategy will help you build a strong relationship with your customers.

Good to know :

The creation of content should not just revolve around the sales of your products but should deal with other topics but useful to your audience and targets.

Know how to structure your article in a simple and effective way. Coordinate your information, choose your photos or images and make sure that the links are used correctly.

Generate leads efficiently on your site

NWM Canada shares better practices, along with tips to use for generating leads. Provide visitors free offers with high added value via a CTA, and allowing them to access additional resources, after entering their contact information.

Create separate landing pages with a single goal that will trigger a conversion.

Create an attractive CTA and associate the URL of the landing page, set up A/B tests to compare two-page variants and then make the necessary adjustments.

Conversion offers must be aligned with the purchase path.

Practical tips for using social networks

You had an interest in integrating social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin into your marketing strategy, but also Instagram and Snapchat to take advantage.

New levers for a more advanced digital strategy

Performance acceleration thanks to paid ads. Conversion of leads into potential customers. Finally, monitor the performance of the digital marketing strategy put in place for the analysis. The important thing is to identify the action levers and track the most relevant indicators, for website traffic, the associated conversions or the costs of acquiring your leads and your customers.

However, talking about Digital Marketing involves the use of several linked digital strategies. For example, building a website, which will be linked to the SEO strategy, also linked to the SEM strategy with Google ads, Facebook ads and more, which may also be linked to the Emailing strategy.

NWM Canada has over 13 years of experience, and we’ve put in place digital strategies that fit every type of business.