Core Web Vitals: A key element for natural SEO

Google’s algorithm has probably been reviewed once again by introducing the Core Web Vitals so the question is what exactly is it?

Regarding natural SEO marketers wonder about the value of the SEO of a website, the popularity of web pages being carefully measured by the Google algorithm, you better do the right thing to reach the ideal position on the search engines which is the 1st position.

In order to offer its users, the best search results the algorithm refines more and more thanks to the high number of criteria introduced by Google in its algorithm.

Among these criteria, Core Web Vitals aiming to measure user experience on websites joined in May 2020 the list of different criteria.

What are Core Web Vitals?

The Core Web Vitals is a whole group of elements evaluated necessary by Google in the entire knowledge experienced by customers on a website.

User experience will now be a key ranking factor in search engines.

Google intends to experience the customer knowledge on the page into an authorized classification element on Google. Unfortunately, this count is not enough to make the website ranked #1 by the Google search engine.

Les Core Web Vitals regroupent trois mesures :

Le LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) pour la période de chargement ;
Le FID (First Input Delay) pour l’interactivité ;
Le CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) qui évalue la constance optique.

User experience and SEO

The LCP not only refers to the loading speed of a page but is actually the real time from the user’s point of view that a page needs to load. It focuses on the essential time before the customer can interfere with the page itself.

To improve the LCP score (in other words optimize loading speed) you must:

  • Remove all unnecessary third-party scripts;
  • Choose a better hosting;
  • Set up Delayed Load to load images as the page scrolls (so only when necessary);
FID: interactivity at the service of the user experience

The FID assesses the exact time the customer needs to interfere with a page. In other words, this is the time required for the user to perform an action.

The FID is not required for a page like blogs given the action performed by the client is a scroll to browse the page. On the other hand, on a connection page, the duration of the charter of the text is necessary since it acts on the interaction with which the user can start the entry of the data connection.

The CLS is a guide that assesses the optimal frequency.

What is an optimal frequency?
This is the stability of the data when loading the full or progressive page.

To improve the CLS score, you must:

Use defined sizes for all media, whether images, videos, GIFs, etc. So, the browser knows precisely what space should occupy the object on the page; Make sure that advertisements have a placeholder.

How to follow Core Web Vitals?

These recent data must be viewed on Page speed insights, the device gives the ability to scan as a page at the same time. If you want to follow up on several pages, it is advisable to do so by google Search Console, the tool dedicated to SEO.